Is it time to blow the cover on iron 🤔. Often people are told they are anaemic based on an isolated reading of haemoglobin, or a ferritin level. Then it is suggested that they take iron, usually ferrous sulphate, which is synthetic and can be damaging! One blood result can never ever be looked at in isolation without reviewing the COMPLETE iron panel, which includes much more than the basic NHS blood tests. Has your health care provider heard of Ceruloplasmin? It isnt tested for routinely…..and many do not know the relevance in the whole story of blood tests….

Many are of course aware of the whole story, Morley Robbins and Professor Douglas Kell to name a couple (google these two and you will find a wealth of knowledge about iron, magnesium and copper dysregulation, amongst other stuff!!!). Some may find it complex reading but here below is an audio interview with Morley Robbins, (it’s just over an hour and a half) but I urge everyone to make some time to sit down and to listen to it. The messages are so important for your general health and especially so when preparing to conceive, enhancing fertility and in pregnancy – for the health of the growing fetus in the womb and the baby when it is born and  onwards. I often revisit and listen to this audio again to refresh myself, but I am not an expert of course! It never ceases to amaze me what knowledge is out there if you search for it….

The human body is a complicated machine and as Morley says in his radio talk, iron has been deemed as the hero for too long, due to ignorance, and the misunderstanding of the physiology and metabolism, when actually iron is the problem and root cause to many diseases and ailments!! Too much iron rusts the liver!! Yet so many are prescribed iron, which is toxic! Without any thought to the role of copper, ceruloplasmin  and magnesium….and how all these things interact with each other in the body….

Most prenatal supplements contain iron and calcium, and folic acid (a synthetic form of folate) plus other ingredients, which may be detrimental…..but that’s another story! Many (including doctors and medics) do not understand the dangers of supplementing with Vitamin D….which seems to be fashionable at the moment. One size never fits all…..and especially so when synthetic!

In 1982 I read an article warning of the dangers of mercury being toxic….and even within recent years being asked by a dentist, why I had a concern about nercury in people’s teeth !!! It often takes a while for information to be passed down…..

So if you care about your health and want to understand more about iron, copper and magnesium etc….I strongly suggest that you do your own research and look into it further……💜

#162 Rethinking Iron Supplementation with Morley Robbins