Janet Naylor, Reflexology & Hypnobirthing

with Dr Michel Odent

About Me

My name is Janet Naylor and I am the mother of 3 wonderful children. I hold a Doula accreditation by Dr Michel Odent (I came across him many years ago and have followed his teaching since 1982), a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Midwifery and qualified in Reflexology in 2000 with the International Federation of Reflexologists (I.F.R.). I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists. (A.O.R).  I am qualified in Hypnobirthing, Mongan Method (USA) and Katharine Graves KGH method (UK) MHbA and Diploma in Hypnobirthing HB (KGH). I am also a qualified Fertile Body Method Therapist (FBM) which uses hypnosis and mind/body approaches with women/couples preparing for conception, whether that be natural or assisted. See here for further information www.thefertilebody.com/AboutFBM/How_Can_It_Help

I was familiar with the effects of total relaxation upon the body systems (from my own births), and how that can bring about positive results. It is amazing what can happen when we are deeply relaxed! I can use FBM alongside Reflexology to enhance the benefits when aiming to increase fertility or prepare for conception.

I loved my doula role and met some fantastic midwives who encouraged and inspired me to become a midwife. So I did my midwifery training! I continue to have a strong passion for enabling and supporting mothers and partners to have a positive birth experience.   In addition to my Reflexology and Hypnosis Therapies I still work ad-hoc within the NHS as a midwife in a stand alone midwifery led unit and on community.

I have been working with many aspects of women’s health, pregnant women and their birthing partners, since the early 1980s; informing, empowering and relaxing people is my passion !