32 years ago today, on the 13th Feb, I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy 😍. I was probably thought of as that labouring mother who had “a few ideas” to say the least. I could almost sense, that in the staff room, they would be talking about me….like “who does she think she is?????”

Midwife: What do you mean, you would rather walk around the room and be mobile, and you would rather not be on the bed?

Me: Thats right…..it feels more comfortable for me…😊

Midwife: What do you mean you would rather not have syntometrine to “deliver” your placenta? We dont normally ask you 😳 (before the days of informed consent hey!! it was 1986)

Me: That’s right…..if I am bleeding a little more than you would like to see…then of course I will accept it, thank you 😌

Midwife: Why dont you just have a bit of gas and air?🤨

Me: “Thinking” – “why dont you just SHUT UP!!!!” 😠 I am not normally disrespectful but when a labouring woman is trying to stay in her primal brain for birthing….then why, as a midwife dont you “get it”? This is absolutely birthing basics 🤫

So I never got on the bed once, I had a short labour, I gave birth upright without any “pain relief”, with a natural physiological birth of my placenta ❤️❤️❤️, dont think they had seen anything like it !!! So so sad……😔

I had some great birthy “teachers”, Michel Odent, Janet Balaskas, Ina May Gaskin, Yehudi Gordon et al….

I always practice what I preach about birth 😃, I will continue to believe and teach that birth is not about midwives, it is not about doctors, it is about women, and the credit should always be given to them💞

In 1982, I read an article in The Natural Parent magazine, called “Lets give birth back to mothers” by Michel Odent, I cannot agree more ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Birthday Son 😘