We all know someone that has been “trying for a baby”, often for months, if not years! Sadly many spend £££££ on assisted conception, and for many that provides a miracle, but sadly for many it doesn’t. Assisted conception can certainly take its toll on a woman/ couple mentally, physically and emotionally, even if not financially, as some receive it on the NHS.  

There has never been so much infertility today with lots of hormone imbalances like PCOS, endometriosis, lack of ovulation, irregular periods, as well as mineral and nutritional deficiencies etc etc etc…and stress often plays a massive part, reducing the chances of conception even further….

I have read infertility stories all around the world and one in-particular that touches heart strings in this one by Thinkbaby.org and in-particular Zoe’s blog post about Infertility & Trying to Conceive.

Often people seek more natural therapies as a last resort, (when maybe it should be the first port of call,) when often the womans body may have undergone side effects of drugs and medications whilst wanting to get pregnant leaving her depeleted at times. Often women are highly stressed when I first meet them. 

As a therapist I would initially start to work with a woman (and sometimes their partner) by reducing stress using reflexology, to relax their body, as a relaxed body heals better and functions better on all levels. I can also work with them using self hypnosis, The Fertile Body Method, to enhance fertility and increase their chances of conceiving, preparing their mind and body to be in a state of balance, to change their (often negative) mindset using various self help tools and techniques. 

The benefits are cummulative, so it is not always a quick fix, regular sessions are recommended. Of course I cannot guarantee or promise a pregnancy, but I will certainly work towards encouraging a positive mindset and preparing the woman’s body to be in a healthier state to enhance the chances .

We all know that assisted conception has a low success rate. Some may find that even if a pregnancy doesn’t occur after working with me, and the woman decides to go ahead with assisted conception, her mind and body may well be in a more healthier position for the assisted conception to be successful.

So if you, or someone that you know is or has been “ trying for a baby” and wants to go down a more natural route to enhance their fertility, feel free to contact me in strict confidence, or ask them to contact me.

Or if you you are just “thinking” about getting pregnant, give me a shout…to help to prepare BEFORE you decide to get pregnant

Reflexology to Enhance Fertility