There are lots of myths about Hypnobirthing, one being that all Hypnobirthing mothers will  just “breathe their baby out”….with no “pushing”. As every woman is different, some will be quiet, or quieter, some will be noisy or noisier, some roar like a lion or moo like a cow! Primal sounds or noises from the pit of a mother’s stomach can be really powerful! I have seen such a variation in birthing mothers ?. Some seriously do just breathe their baby out without making a sound, others don’t…..there is no right or wrong way….

Let’s face it, giving birth can be like making love, on the volume front….. if you get my drift? ?

In Hypnobirthing, I teach that all women will experience birth in different ways, feeling different emotions, exhibiting different body language. I give many examples (anonymous) of the Hypnobirthing mothers that I have been with in labour….which amounts to lots and lots! ?

Ideally we want women to feel uninhibited in labour and birth without fear, noise does not necessarily equal fear.

Noise can be powerful and releasing…..I know that I myself have “mooed” in labour ?, ha ha….but I was certainly not frightened…but empowered and in control !

Regarding the “pushing”, a mother’s body does the “pushing”, which may be a gentle nudge or an intensely (pleasurable for some) bearing down feeling. Yet whatever a mother feels, ideally it happens when she has an urge to bear down, following her innate instincts, rather than because someone has told her that it’s “time to push” against her own will ! 

Here below, my colleague and Hypnobirthing Teacher Emma Culley-Morgan says why she thinks being noisy in birth is ok, as she comments on what she heard a mother say who had done Hypnobirthing in the past, and this often gives Hypnobirthing itself a bad name!  Please excuse some of Emma’s choice of words ?

We Fail When We Wail: Noise in The Birth Room and How We’ve Got it All Wrong