Often women are told that they will never conceive without intervention. Many women prefer to take a more natural route to enhance their fertility and to prepare their bodies mentally, physically and emotionally for a healthy conception. Here is a lovely story, where I was fortunate ( as I often am) to play a small part in the journey, of my clients fertility and also the preparation towards a healthy and positive water birth.

The mind affects the body, that is not open to debate, it is a fact! I have always preferred to work holistically, for as long as I can remember. Every thought manifests physically at a cellular level, just ask Bruce Lipton, for one and his best seller “The Biology of Belief”! I prefer to believe that we are all individuals and that one size never fits all. Decreased fertility is often made up of several factors, some women have gynaecological issues,some have nutritional concerns or mineral deficiencies, but many have stressful lives as well. Stress is detrimental to our health as we all know, it zaps our energy, depletes our body of essential nutrients and causes havoc with our hormones!  So how can one approach suit every woman, as is often done in the medical model of health? I look at the woman as a whole, as an individual person with different needs and then work to address them.

I work with women using Reflexology and Hypnosis, to enhance their chances of conceiving. Both therapies used are holistic. It never ceases to amaze me, some of the things that I see or the things that I am told ! It is always extra special when a fertility client of mine has conceived, and claims some credit with the therapies that I have used. When they book onto my Hypnobirthing course as well and often book reflexology treatments in pregnancy too, then is that pyramid selling? ha ha !

In Hypnobirthing, I work with them, preparing them for their birth experience, empowering and informing them along the way, teaching them self hypnosis which is such a valuable tool for deep relaxation ! Aiming to make the birth more comfortable and more manageable, enjoyable even!

I dont have any magic powers, there’s no mystery, I use my skills and therapies with a passion though! I really do “believe” in the benefits! So here is a testimony from one of my clients, who is living proof, that not only, can you conceive naturally but also that a positive drug free birth is highly likely as well!

“Hi Janet! Finally getting round to writing our massive thank you, after what has been a lovely journey we have been on together.

My journey with you started pre conception, after being told by medical staff “you’ll probably struggle to conceive naturally”. I took it upon myself to make sure I had every chance of avoiding this. You helped me with relaxing reflexology sessions as well as keeping me positive with the odd bit of hypnosis. I strongly believe the reflexology helped balance my hormones allowing my body to allow me to get pregnant naturally, without any medical intervention.

REGARDING HYPNOBIRTHING: We both loved the group hypnobirthing classes we took! We used all the tools you gave us to practice at home and prepare us for the birth we wanted. As soon as we completed the course it made me excited for our birth as opposed to dreading it like a lot of people do. Not once did I worry nor did I think too much into other people’s horror birth stories! (People loved to tell me theirs! )

We stayed in touch throughout my pregnancy with more reflexology, mostly because it was so relaxing!

And then came the day our baby girl entered the world. The birth was everything we wished for and more! I’d do it again tomorrow. Water birth, no pain relief and a fairly quick labour! I listened to my body like you taught me. All the midwives at the hospital (The South Lakes Birth Centre), were totally blown away! Don’t worry I told them about you! Thanks a million xxx

I might just have to book in every now and again for reflexology just because I love it! Haha
Emma, Jonny and Hallie 💕”