When women call or message me about my Hypnobirthing Courses, they are usually very keen to book. Often their friends or family members have done my courses or they have read about the benefits of Hypnobirthing from different sources. Then some mention that although they would love to book the course, that their partners are not too sure, sceptical even….which I find perfectly acceptable, as for many it is the “unknown” or they have pre conceived ideas, of what they think it is. The “Hypno” part of the word often conjures up images of people being put “under” or into a deep “trance” whilst the hynotist makes them dance around naked and do things against their control !!

What I teach is nothing like this, I promise. You are ALWAYS in control. All hypnosis is self hypnosis, it is deep relaxation. No one can make you do anything against your own free will. I have heard some people say that they are not telling their friends that they are doing “Hypno” birthing, as they are worried what they may think! I suggest that they are the friends that they SHOULD tell, ha ha, to dispel the myths.

It is such a shame that some people do not book Hypnobirthing for that reason alone, when actually there are so many benefits to pregnant mother, unborn baby AND birth partner. Often sadly so many women suffer traumatic birth experiences, as do their birth partners, who witness it. I have so many women tell me that they did consider Hypnobirthing for a previous pregnancy, but decided not to and wish that they had….who then go on to book my courses for a next pregnancy.

Whoever is at your birth will impact on your birthing experience, negatively or positively, so why not be prepared, informed and empowered as a birth partner, rather than leaving it to chance ? I have to say that after session one of my Hypnobirthing courses, the “unsure” birth partners cannot believe how much it all makes sense, as I dispel the myths, say how it is based in science, anatomy & physiology and hormones. The most sceptical birth partners are often some of the best Hypnobirthing advocates around!

So if you have a birth partner that isn’t quite so sure…. that’s normal, please feel free to ask them to contact me by telephone, email, text  or on messenger, and I will be more than happy to allay any concerns.

Your birth experience will be with you forever 💜