I have been qualified in Reflexology since the year 2000 and it never ceases to amaze me what people tell me following a reflexology treatment 😃 Touch alone, is therapeutic and feels nice anyway (unless a person doesn’t like touch of course). Reflexology is a very old treatment. Often people ask for “evidence” and sometimes with the more natural therapies it is hard to “prove” that it works and to provide “evidence” as such. All I know is what I have been told by my clients over the past 18 years….😉

One of the main befefits of reflexology is the deep relaxation it promotes. People usually feel calm, relaxed and sleep really well following a treatment. It promotes healing,increases your body’s own pain killers, endorphins, speeds up circulation and lymphatic drainage, aiming to rid the body of toxins, and no matter how healthy we are, we all have a few toxins, from the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods and products that we consume daily.

So how can applying pressures on your big toe, for example, ease headaches and migraines 🤔, how can the same influence hormones 🤔🤔, how can it influence sleep or body rhythms 🤔….

Because…..it is thought that all body organs and systems are represented in miniature on the feet (can also be found on the hands) so by applying pressures and moves on each part e.g on the big toe for example, there will be an affect within the corresponding body part, as the big toe represents the head, face and neck 😉

Still unsure😙 ….why not try a reflexology treatment and then decide if it’s beneficial. I have treated hundreds and hundreds of people. I treat women only, for all sorts of reasons not just for fertilty and in pregnancy but ALL women, assuming no contra indications….and many are regular clients 😉

See more information here:https://janetnaylor.co.uk/what-is-reflexology/